Sober Coaching

Part time support for individuals entering recovery
Working with clients in Los Angeles and New York. International availability upon request.
Helping You Maintain Your Sobriety  

When should you work with a Sober Coach?

Sober coaching provides part time support for individuals entering recovery who are seeking guidance through early recovery. Sober coaching provides encouragement, accountability, and wisdom. I help clients implement the tools they learn in treatment and translate them to “real life.” I help clients identify potential danger prior to it happening. As a sober coach, I help the client identify goals for the week and what actions to take to achieve those goals. Utilizing a sober coach allows the client to tailor the weekly schedule to their needs rather than 24/7 like a recovery companion.

Here are a few ways Sober Coaching works for clients:

  • On call Crisis Support
  • Daily, weekly, and weekend planning
  • Physical well-being (nutrition, eating disorder support, exercise routine, etc.)
  • Career/Academic Guidance
  • Budgeting Issues
  • Fun, Passion, Purpose
  • Sobriety support
  • Continuity of Care (communication between therapist, psychiatrist, and professionals involved)

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