Recovery Services with Lori Jasinski

The support you need to live life with an addiction or eating disorder.
Working with clients in Los Angeles and New York. International availability upon request.

Recovery Companion

Learn how to live life while maintaining your sobriety through real world support.

Sober Coach

Learn how to translate the tools you learned in treatment into real life.


Using conversation to motivate a loved one to to seek help for their alcohol or drug misuse or eating disorder.

Eating Disorder Companion

Learn how to live life while maintaining your eating disorder recovery through real world support.

My Approach

The model I have for my recovery services has not only proved to be effective but also successful.  I work with clients through intervention, coaching or 24/7 live-in companioning. I help create a treatment team for clients when one is not already in place.

An eating disorder or drug addiction can interfere with participation in life. With my support, clients get the support needed to get through those tough moments and grow.

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