Recovery Companion

The support you need to overcome the obstacles you face in recovery.
Working with clients in Los Angeles and New York. International availability upon request.
Helping You Maintain Your Sobriety

When should you work with a  Recovery Companion?

If you or your loved one is ready to do what it takes to get clean and stay clean maybe it’s time for a recovery companion. When working with a companion the client gets to continue living their life while having the help and support needed to overcome obstacles faced in recovery. A recovery companion will help you maintain your sobriety in the “real world” and apply all the tools you learned in treatment as situations arise.

*Here are a few ways a companion supports individuals:

  • Preparing your living space for sobriety
  • Assist w/ transportation to meetings, appointments, and obligations
  • encourage participation in a recovery community
  • help develop a network of positive & supportive people
  • help develop a daily routine that will help prevent relapse
  • Appropriate referrals to physicians, doctors, therapists and other clinicians
  • Support with family reunification
  • medication management & compliancy
  • nutritional & exercise coaching
  • business or travel sobriety support
  • court or legal appearance transportation & support (if appropriate)

*these are a few examples but not limited to the many ways a companion supports individuals.

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