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There is nothing so heartbreaking as witnessing a loved one’s descent into alcohol or drug addiction. As is often stated, addiction is a family disease. The disruption to the family dynamic and finances, as well as the constant stress caused by the addict’s behaviors and choices while in the grip of this disease, leaves families feeling desperate and alone. Often, in an effort to help the addict, families become codependent, enabling the addicted family member and leading to even more dysfunction.

Breaking through denial and/or unresolved fear is often the first step to saving an addict’s life. Denial is a core symptom of addiction and co-dependence, and often requires an intervention with those that care about the addicted individual.

A heart-to-heart conversation with someone suffering from a substance abuse disorder often requires a more focused and unified approach to result in them agreeing to get the help they need. Interventions can be rather confrontational, in that family members gather together as a show of support and strength as they tell their addicted loved one they will no longer enable the addiction.

There are many professional models of Intervention, both direct and indirect, such as:

  • Crisis Intervention
  • Tough Love
  • The Confrontational Method of Intervention
  • The Johnson Model of Intervention
  • The Love First Approach to Intervention
  • The Systematic Family Model of Intervention
  • Arise Intervention

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