Eating Disorder Companion

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When Should You Work with an Eating Disorder Companion?

An eating disorder companion is someone who can help an individual who just completed treatment and is returning home. This is an important time to help the client start using the tools they learned to maintain their eating disorder recovery. A companion can also be an aide to someone who doesn’t quite qualify for in-patient treatment but needs guidance at home to achieve eating disorder recovery. Through meal support and coaching, fear around meals and the recovery process will decrease. The client will gain trust in themselves and strengthen their recovery, feeling empowered to make the best choices for ongoing recovery.

The benefits of having an Eating Disorder Companion:

  • Decrease anxiety and fear around eating foods and dining at restaurants
  • Challenges distorted eating disorder rules and rituals
  • Allows the client to practice ordering off a menu
  • Allows the clients home environment to become a safe place for meals
  • Increased mindful eating and listening to ones body
  • Ensures accountability for your meal plan
  • Provides private support in a safe environment
  • Enables the client to continue work

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