The release of Netflix original To The Bone, follows the life of a young woman receiving treatment for her eating disorder. While many have created an uproar about the film claiming it glorifies eating disorders, I strongly disagree. This film brings to light the struggle that thousands of people are dealing with on a daily basis. There are many families and loved ones who are unsure of how to help the individual struggling with the eating disorder. For those who have no idea, eating disorders are a daily, meal by meal, struggle that most of the time never goes away. The individual must learn what recovery looks like and constantly work at strengthening his or her recovery muscles.

This film is such a controversy simply because it makes people uncomfortable to watch and learn what an individual is struggling with. In my honest opinion, if you are newly recovering from an eating disorder this movie can be triggering. If you are someone who is not familiar with eating disorders, I suggest watching it and getting an idea of what an individual struggles with. Eating disorders are often times underestimated, and personally, I don’t think there are enough resources for individuals to maintain recovery and support. This is a growing issue that we all need to be sensitive to whether the individual is anorexic, bulimic, binge eater, etc.